Liver protect complet Biostile


Biostile Liver Protect Complet is a dietary supplement that contains a blend of natural ingredients that are known to support liver health,. Is intended for detoxification of the liver, is carried out for the purpose of “cleansing” with the aim of regenerating liver cells when there is damage due to the negative effects of pollutants.

Liver Protect relieves problems and detoxifies, cleanses the liver of accumulated toxins in a therapy that lasts 30 days.


  •  Weight loss up to 3.2 kg
  •  Reduced BMI (body mass index) to 1.14
  •  Reduced visceral fat up to 0.62 units
  •  Total cholesterol reduced by up to 0.35 mmol/L
  •  6x less abdominal fat

Liver Protect consists of two formulas.

Liver Protect Formula 1 is a combination of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Liver Protect Formula 2 contains extracts of Chinese chicory, grape seed and burdock in phytosomal form.

Quantity: 30 capsules, 60 capsules


Biostile Liver protect complet
Liver protect complet Biostile


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