What is the procedure for requesting the return of one or more products?

In the case of distance contracts, the buyer has the right to inform the Merchant within 14 days that he withdraws from the contract without giving reasons for this decision. The Buyer must forward the communication to the Merchant at the contact e-mail address info@en.biostilevita.com. from an unequivocal statement or with a contact form.

Next you need to enter:

  • order number;
  • surname of the person who placed the order;
  • email of the order or zip code of the shipping address.

Procedure to request the return of products through the request form

The customer must fill out the return request form as follows:

  1. select the order number for which you want to request the return;
  2. within the selected order, indicate the quantities and conditions of the products to be returned;
  3. Choose the preferred resolution method between reimbursement or issuance of a “store credit”.

The online return request is then submitted to Customer Service for approval.

In case of rejected return request, the customer will receive an email warning with the explanation of the refusal.

In case of a return request accepted, the customer will receive a confirmation email and can thus proceed with the shipment of the products.

In case of withdrawal from the contract, the Merchant must return to the Buyer all payments received immediately or no later than 14 days from receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the contract unchanged quantity, unless the products are destroyed, damaged, lost or their quantity has decreased through no fault of the user (buyer). The trader may withhold payment until he receives the returned goods or until the consumer sends proof that he has sent the goods back, whichever comes first.

The cost incurred by the user (buyer) for the withdrawal from the sales contract is the cost of returning the products to the Merchant.

If the postal package with which the user (buyer) received the ordered products is physically damaged, if it contains missing content or if it shows signs of opening, the user (buyer) must notify the Merchant so that the latter can initiate a complaint procedure at the post office.

In accordance with the previous paragraph, the Merchant shall return to you (buyer) the amount paid or the gift card used for the returned products, and any promotional codes used and other discounts will not be returned to you (buyer).

The refund of the amount paid is made by the Merchant in a personal capacity or transaction account of the user (buyer). The Merchant returns the used gift card in the form of credit.

Need help?

Please contact us at info@en.biostilevita.com for questions regarding refunds and returns.